GHTI Introduction

 Gisan Health Training Institute (GHTI) is a newly established training institute in Mwanza City by GISAN HEALTH (T) LTD. GHTI is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) and National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) by Registration No. REG/HAS/125P.

GHTI is located at Ilemela-Northern East, just after RFA/Star TV media house for about 300 metres on the left side 8 kilometres the way from Mwanza city center to airport.
The courses offered by GHTI include; a Certificate in Clinical Medicine for clinical assistants, Other courses will be introduced gradually in future.



Why GISAN Health Training Institute?

The institute has created a good learning environment in order to offer quality training. GHTI has invented on modern approaches technology of teaching thus, expecting more benefits for the trainees in utilizing and practicing the knowledge acquired for better medical care for the society.

GHTI is well and adequatelly equipped with learning resources in relation with staffing and other materials including latest text books and teaching modules relevant to the offered courses particularly a Certificate in Clinical Assistant.

The resources in relation to training invested with GHTI include;-

  • Resource center with varieties of update refference materials.
  • Computers Lab connected with Internet.
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • MoU'S with Sekoutoure referral hospital and Mwanza Millitary Hospital for clinical practices of students.

Other services offered at GHTI

  • Hostels/accomodation are available for both males and females students by arrangements.
  • The place is provided with TV sets and other games for recreation purposes to students.
  • Meals are served within Institution's cafeteria on commercial basis at affordable rates for students throughout academic semesters.
  • Beautiful gardens facilitated by professional landscaping paths and shades creates attractions of the place.