The Current Management of GHTI

Key staff

  1. Principal
    Dr. Mtani Laufred Bond (MD, MPH)
    • He is a Tanzanian born October 1952
    • Has served at various medical training institutions at the level of principal for more than 20 years. Among the institutions he served include Bugando Medical Centre and Sengerema Clinical Officers Training Centre (COTC).
    • He is potential and resourceful personel with adequate skills in regards to training needs for students.


  2. Academic Master
    Dr. Rex F. Mwakipiti
    • Tanzanian born April 1953
    • Assistant Medical Officer qualified in 1989
    • Worked in  different  health Training institutions since 1981 whereby among the post held was a principal at Clinical Assistant Training centre  Musoma.
    • Well experienced man with enough skills in health training.   

  3. Executive Secretary
    Felista Kabula Lubala (Mama Shindika)
    • She is a Tanzanian citizen born January, 1952
    • She is qualified as Senior Office Secretary with extensive knowledge in office management.
    • Long experienced and worked with health Institutions such as Assistant Medical Officer Institute at Bugando Medical centre since 1972.

Other Staff

  1. Warden
    Sekule Masunga

  2. Bursar
    Calista Nyanza

  3. Librarian
    Anifa Alikad

  4. IT Technician
    Augustino A. Mwizarubi

  5. Full time and Part time staff (List Reserved)